Buco Cassanova


teniatka sa narodili 2.4.2015

Puppies was born on 02/04/2015

Buco Cassanova

Buco Cassanova

Vetky aktulne fotografie si mete prezrie kliknutm na obrzok niie (fotografie pridvame priebene)
All actualy pictures you can see when you click on following picture (picture we continuously adding)

Takto rastie naa vha (Such is growing our weight) :
Hammel Hamco Hooligan
21.5. (7 week) 2300g 2632g 2536g
8.5. (5 week) 1832g 1884g 2024g
30.4. (4 week) 1618g 1648g 1764g
23.4. (3 week) 1330g 1224g 1340g
16.4. 1024g 862g 1022g
15.4. 984g 798g 974g
14.4. (veer/evening) 916g 734g 904g
13.4. (veer/evening) 850g 686g 854g
12.4. (veer/evening) 808g 654g 796g
11.4. (veer/evening) 772g 638g 710g
10.4. (veer/evening) 718g 596g 652g
10.4. (rno/morning) 666g 582g 624g
9.4. (veer/evening) 638g 552g 620g
Hammel Hamco Hooligan Highness
died 9.4.2015
9.4. (rno/morning) 598g 520g 592g 248g
8.4. (rno/morning) 534g 486g 536g 266g
7.4. (veer/evening) 490g 468g 516g 274g
7.4. (rno/morning) 464g 444g 486g 276g
6.4. (veer/evening) 454g 428g 450g 280g
6.4. (rno/morning) 418g 416g 424g 282g
5.4. (veer/evening) 374g 398g 390g 282g
5.4. (rno/morning) 360g 372g 368g 278g
died 4.4.2015
Hammel Hamco Hooligan Highness
4.4.(veer/evening) 274g 328g 354g 352g 278g
4.4.(rno/morning) 274g 318g 324g 328g 278g
3.4.(veer/evening) 266g 296g 306g 306g 268g
3.4.(rno/morning) 252g 268g 286g 278g 264g
2.4. 258g 272g 276g 268g 266g

Buco Cassanova

Takto sme sa narodili (Such we are born) :
farba (color) pohlavie (sex) vha (weight) as (time) meno (name) foto foto hlava (head)
blenheim pes (male) 258 g 09.30 HUGGO
Buco Cassanova
H1 Buco Cassanova H1 Buco Cassanova
blenheim pes (male) 272 g 11,42 HAMMEL
Buco Cassanova
H2 Buco Cassanova H2 Buco Cassanova
blenheim pes (male) 276 g 17,30 HAMCO
Buco Cassanova
H3 Buco Cassanova H3 Buco Cassanova
blenheim pes (male) 268 g 17,30 HOOLIGAN
Buco Cassanova
H4 Buco Cassanova H4 Buco Cassanova
blenheim suka (female) 266 g 17,30 HIGHNESS
Buco Cassanova
H5 Buco Cassanova H5 Buco Cassanova

Bizzy Royal highness ETAR Prokopska hvzda
Junior Champion SK

Bizzy Royal highness
X Ich., Champion SK, CZ, AT,
Jch SK, CZ, Club champion SK,
13xBOB, 11xCACIB, Club winner SK 2014. 3x Winner of color
BIG 3 Graz 2015, Junior BIG 2 Praha, Junior BIG 3 Nitra
ETAR Prokopska hvzda

Obaja rodiia maj testovn DNA na EF, CC,DE s vsledkom CLEAR
Pathely negatvne, oi negatvne, srdce doppler X./2014 ist

Both parents are DNA tested for EF,CC,DE with results CLEAR
Pathely negativ, eyes negativ, heart doppler X./2014 clear

Rodokme teniatok (pedigree puppies):

cavalier king charles spaniel
Nae teniatka s odchovvan v byte s neobmedzenm vbehom na dvor rodinnho domu. Maj zky kontakt s umi,demi, makami, korytnakami a inm domcim zvieratami. teniatka maj nadtandardn veterinrnu starostlivos,s riadne okovan a opakovane oderven. Zsadne predvme teniatka len s PP, Kpnou zmluvou, okovacm preukazom a poradenskm servisom. Predaj sprostredkovateovi a do vkupu je absoltne vylen.

Our puppies are breeded in the house with unlimited access to the backyard of our family house. All puppies have very close contact with other people, children, cats, turtles and all other domestic animals. Puppies have more than standard veterinary care, they are fully vaccinated and they are regulary and repeatedly treated against the parasites. The puppies are strictly selling with pedigree and in addition with purchase contract, pet passport and consulting service at any time. Sale through agent or any other way of selling is unacceptable.

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